Disinfection Of Premises


PINIOSAN bactericidal powder



active substance:Tosylchloramide sodium (tosylchloramide sodium salt – chloramine-T) at 3 g/1 kg



Pig production:

Piniosan is indicated as a disinfectant and an agent absorbing moisture and the unpleasant odour of ammonia.

For the first 3 to 5 days, disinfect the facility by applying the product at a dose of 50-100 g per 1 m2. Next, use the product at a dose of 50 g/m2 (where 50 g corresponds to one handful of an adult person) every 7 days. Before farrowing, apply Piniosan to the whole surface (at a dose of 50 g/m2). After farrowing, use the product every day for a total of 3 days, and then twice a week until piglet weaning. During this period, pay special attention to the disinfection of the trough area and the piglet lying section, as well as animal pathways and sites which are exposed to moisture. They require an increased frequency of use.


Poultry production:

Apply Piniosan to the entire floor surface of the poultry production unit before bringing birds onto the premises.

Use particular caution when distributing the product in locations which are exposed to the highest risk of bacterial contamination (feeding and drinking areas). Apply Piniosan at a dose of 50 g/m2 at least once a week during the whole poultry production period. A 25 kg bag of the product is sufficient for covering 500 m2 of a poultry unit.


Cattle production:

After removing manure from cattle facilities, apply Piniosan at a dose of 50g/m2. Pay special attention to product application along the walls and in the corners of production facilities.

Thanks to its biocidal properties, it minimizes the risk of diseases in the production of fur animals, rabbits and pigeons.



Bags of 10 kg and 25 kg

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