Abomasal Displacement


The basis for the prevention of abomasal displacement is two-fold: elimination of errors in the transition period and correction of negative energy balance.

Risk factors for the disease include broadly understood nutritional errors. The fundamental rule for preventing abomasal displacement is ensuring an adequate filling of the rumen before and after calving, because ruminal volume stabilizes the abomasum in its normal position.

In the postpartum period cows should be fed with energy-rich feeds and receive an appropriate quantity of fibre. It is also important to provide animals with an adequate volume of water directly after calving.

In high-performance herds, cows receive specially formulated drinking solutions after calving. They fill the rumen, and hence eliminate free space in the abdominal cavity, and provide the animals with necessary energy and vitamins.

Another important note is to reduce the postpartum energy loss by feeding animals with glucoplastic agents.

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