The period around weaning is one of the critical moments in pig production because piglets are more susceptible to health problems including diarrhoea.

A good supplement formulated especially for the period around weaning is a cheaper solution than disease treatment and losses due to mortality.

During weaning, piglets are under strong stress caused by the lack of sow’s milk providing them with antibodies, and the transition to solid feed. The gastrointestinal system of piglets is not sufficiently functional in that it does not produce an adequate amount of enzymes digesting carbohydrates
and plant proteins. To eliminate problems resulting from the change in nutrition scheme, feed additives should be used.

Supplementary mixtures Agro-zinc and Carbo-cid contain acidifiers, probiotics, enzymes, prebiotics, minerals and herbs which stabilize bacterial balance in the gut, elevate the activity of digestive enzymes, stimulate the growth of beneficial gut microflora and increase feed intake by weaners.
Using products formulated specifically for the weaning period minimizes losses and efficiently eliminates the adverse effects of weaning stress.

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