Somatic Cells


Somatic cells are dead cells from the udder tissue and leukocytes which are passed into milk during milking. The Somatic Cell Count (SCC) is the main indicator of milk quality. Compliance with requirements with respect to somatic cell count is a major problem faced by milk producers. The somatic cell count is directly linked to the health status of the udder.

In inflammatory conditions the number of somatic cells can reach from several to several dozen million per millilitre. An excessive somatic cell count in milk is an indicator of mastitis, or inflammation of the udder.

Appropriate feeding regimen and good health condition increase the immunity of cows to infection and prevents pathologies. Elevated somatic cell counts in milk can be a consequence of energy deficiency and excessive protein levels.

The health of the udder is crucially dependent on the initial two weeks of the dry period and the initial two weeks of the peripartum period. Consequently, cows before drying and primiparous cows before calving should have their feed ration supplemented with vitamin E and selenium.

The substances boost the immune system of cows, provided that vitamin A and other nutrients are supplied in feed in appropriate quantities.

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