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AGRIFOOD, despite its English name, is a Polish company established in 1998. We have focused our activities on farming and food industry. Our extensive experience enabled us to recognize the needs of the food processing industry and include food ingredients, preservatives and acidity regulators in our offer.

Thanks to 19 years of cooperation with demanding customers we have gathered experience and competence necessary for good organization of our company and right selection of technologies and business partners. We are pioneers among manufacturers of acidifying additives used by Polish breeders of pigs and poultry. We started with powder feed acidifiers and subsequently expanded our production with liquid acidifiers, anti-diarrhoeal agents, silage additives, energy additives, supplementary compound feeds, vitamin and protein additives and disinfecting preparations.

Our production and sales are subject to HACCP. We follow the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Health Practice.

The products offered on our website will help you run your companies and farms efficiently and easily.


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