Toxin Reducer


complementary feed


The product has a very high mycotoxin-binding capacity. The most powerful binding effect is observed for aflatoxins regardless of the pH level and duration of contact with the product. Ochratoxin A is adsorbed in 85% in the acidic environment (pH 2). Zearalenone is bound over a wide range of pH values, though to a varying extent (acidic environment: 52%, basic environment: 39%).

The product also has a high capacity for ammonia removal by ion exchange (25 g of NH4 per 1 kg of the product). Highly toxic ammonia compounds in the animals’ gastrointestinal tract put a considerable load on the liver and other vital body organs and systems.

The structurally conditioned “molecular sieve effect” which is characteristic for zeolites prevents the binding of larger molecules such as amino acids and vitamins. In this way, they can be fully used up by the body.



  • mixture of aluminosilicates and volatile oils



  • 4-5 kg/ton of grain or complete feed


bags of 5 kg

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